Thursday, 1 September 2011

I,m Out

Ok one week to the day and I'm going out !!! Cant say I'm 100% but feel I have enough energy to drive over to Brigg.  It will do me good. Glad to say no other nasty symptoms have appeared, just mind numbing fatigue. Oh how I hate that word. I only use it cos thats the medical description. FATIGUE even the word itself is unattractive ( I think its the FAT in it). Anyhow I reckon 1 full week of Fatigue is quite enough for this round. I shall take it easy and take my time, but I am going out there. Even the thought of freedom makes me Fatigued !!

Got a lunch date tomorrow, then Keirans over on Saturday so got to pull myself together. You wouldnt think it would be sooo bloody hard. Anyhow got my sense of humour back which is also a good sign. I have to say here and now that if this bugger comes back there is no way I am doing Chemo ever again. I think once is enough for anybody. I,m not complaining because hopefully this has saved my life BUT not again. My body feels bloated, baggy, dry, knackered, hairless( which is mostly a plus) heavy, fat and old!! I have no idea how I am to get any level of fitness back. I shall need double doses of Botox plus umteen fillers to fill the dry lines that have planted themselves on my face. Anyhow thats for the future, just now I have to get my arse into gear and put some slap on and head out into the big old world ............

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