Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn- mellow fruitfulness

Had a great evening with Colette and Christian, its always lovely to catch up. Then yesterday we went to Louth for lunch and had a good look around. I am feeling a bit stronger now although I seem to have developed weepy eyes. They've been like it on and off for a while but now it is a permanent problem. It s most annoying and is making my eyes sore. I have no idea why its happening and it plays havoc with my 'slap', plus it makes me look like a right Muppet. My nose its also ungoing some sort of internal cleansing as it is still bleeding, and now seems to alternate between being totally bunged up and running like a tap. I guess these symptoms are just the taxodare finishing off any mucus producing membranes that got left behind last time. My fingers and toes are still tender plus I have noticed my nails have become discoloured and weak. Apart from that I am Hunky Dory !!!!

Real stormy weather today so have decided to make quiche to freeze and make a start on my picallilly.We have a glut of veg and the plum tree is full. The season has changed and it is a time for gathering and storing and preparing for the long Winter ahead. Autumn is generally a time for reflection and this for me really is. I have learnt so much this SOL. About Spiritual matters, Cancer, Chemo, but more importantly about myself. My own strengths and weaknesses,. It does seem appropriate that my Chemo is coming to and end, like Summer and that I shall enter my Autumn of treatment, in which I am given a rest and time to prepare and store my resources ready for the final onslaught of Radiotherapy in November. Then hopefully I shall have the Celebration of the winter Solstice followed by Christmas. I would like to enter 2012 knowing I am clear of this Bugger. That would really give me something to celebrate !!!.....

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