Thursday, 15 September 2011

Oh what a night !!

Steriods kept me awake last night. I was in the office at 3 am doing my new facebook page- cancer community. And I hope to follow very shortly with a social network page complete with forum and sale items!!  Still I have been putting it off for ages as I couldnt decide on a name and then in the middle of last night in it popped. Just had to get up then and create it. You see everything in our world begins as a thought and then we create our reality. Think about it. Everything we have or use began just as a thought in one persons head.  You do it all the time, even your dinner begins as a thought. Just ask and it is given, Cosmic Ordering- try it.

Last chemo today hurrah. Not looking forward to canula insertion as it took 3 attempts to get blood yesterday. But knowledge that this is the last time shall steel me in readiness. Am so knackered after last night I shall probably fall asleep anyhow.

Then just a matter of time to see what delights it has in store for me. Hopefully not too many suprises and then ONWARDS AND UPWARDS !!!...

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