Monday, 12 September 2011

Hospital Week

Got appointment this afternoon with Dr Butt my Oncologist. Apparently you have to see him as you get to the end of chemo. Great that means another hours wait in the Macmillian suite. !!! Then again on Wednesday for blood tests, then hurrah Thursday- bloody last one !! Lets just hope my veins respond favourably this time and dont go into spasm or try to hide deep inside my body. Not that I'm stressing about it already ??!! Have a load of questions for the Dr this time. Last time I really didnt ask anything ( it was like why ask and stress, just take it as it comes). This time with Chemo nearly behind me I shall be asking more about my cancer type, prognosis, recovery etc. I feel it is now important to face the bugger properly. Though I am slightly apprehensive about what I might hear.

Still feeling quite weak I have to say. Den and I went shopping yesterday afternoon, and I was exhausted. Just walking around Tesco. How pathetic is that ?? Am concerned about the toll this last one will take on me. Last time I slept and slept. So discounting the next week and a half as I assume it will be much the same. I just hope this weakness goes quickly after the chemo leaves my body as I have loads I want/need to do.  Anyhow that is in the lap of the Universe, theres not much I can do just settle down and ride the storm. Have contacted HSBC who supply my travel insurance, to declare whats happened. Thier computers are down and am waiting for a call back.  This will put thier service to the test, if they will not insure me I shall downgrade my account as I am paying £12 pm for this facility, I may even transfer all my accounts to another bank. We'l wait and see ....

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