Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Retail Therapy

Feeling so much better. Ok so mouth is all peeling inside and think I might be getting an ulcer, I still have the ' runs' . But I am feeling good !! Whooo hooo

Den and I went into Grimsby this morning and had a wander around the shopping centre. Went into Binns for coffee - the coffee shop opens onto the shoe department. This is great because I was able to leave Den drinking coffee and reading newspapers while I wandered around looking at my favourite things- Boots. Now I dont care  much for shoes but I love Boots. I have several pairs in my wardrobe that I cant walk in and dont wear anymore and I will send them to a charity shop. But I didnt want to leave a big gaping space in their place as it might cause me some kind of boot shortage anxiety and I have to avoid that at the moment .  So whilst Den took some well deserved relaxation I wandered around the department. I picked up all the boots I liked and stroked them and felt them and when I was ready I gave the assistants details of the boots I wanted to try on and the colour choices ie if they came in brown and black to bring both. Soon I was in heaven- surrounded by soft supple leather in all the colour combinations. My legs were encased in all kinds of styles as I paraded back and forth between the coffee shop and the shoe department so as to get Den's expert opinion ( well just to let him feel included) as I judged each boot on its merit. I was so happy, Dennis was happy watching me in my favourite pastime. The assistants were happy too as I was their only customer and it made me feel glad to give them something to do in an otherwise boring morning. Sending them back and forth into the bowels of their storeroom to emerge minutes later with yet another heavenly opportunity in leather for me to appraise. And so it went on until all options were exhausted.  And then as with all highs- came the low, which should I choose ? What colour ?
Ah to hell with it I'lle take two pairs one in each colour!
What a morning- Chemo Fog vanished for all time by the best therapy of all - RETAIL !!

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  1. She sounds like a horror and should not be doing the job she is doing and doesn't deserve to be doing the job she is doing. report her, that is to be her lesson for this life! suzxxx