Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Domestic Goddess

Been really busy making Picallili and Damson Jam. Seems funny preserving things - you have to assume you are gonna be around to eat them. I do enjoy doing it and lets face it I have time this year. Plus its therapy. It gets me off my butt and doing something. However I should be spending more time on my various projects. This is becoming harder as I am counting down the days to next Thursday, and I am finding that I am busy getting out and about. I think this is because I know I shall be confined to barracks for at least another week once I have it. So you find you do have to catch up with practical things and also spend quality time with friends while you can actually enjoy it. Still LAST ONE!!!

Am going over to Matlock tomorrow to visit John and get my Transcendental Meditation checked so that shall be a nice day. And today I am going to the Odssy center for a Reiki session which I shall enjoy. So you see, no time for work.

I do feel that something is occurring.  Some of my Soul sisters are deffinately blossoming and expanding their healing energies. Its great to witness thier confidence growing and growing. I cant wait to see where this shall lead us, its going to be a great journey- I know .....

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