Saturday, 3 September 2011

Nice warm Saturday

What a nice day, the weathers really warm, last night was too. We stayed out in the shed till 9.30 and it was still a very balmy night. I think one of the warmest so far this year.  Keirans here and bust mowing the lawn. After lunch he wants to cut our hedge which I agree needs cutting, but as its only me to help I,m not sure its such a good idea. I shall try and talk him out of it. Just been admiring my new Winter hat that I got from Brigg market the other day. Its all furry and Russian looking, it will keep my baldy napper nich and toasty when the weather changes. The nice man I bought if from also let me have a little lilac beanie hat for £1 because he felt sorry for me. Hadnt thought about exploiting my situation and am now seeing a missed opportunity.  So sitting here trying to decide if I need anything and how best to succeed in exploitation. Actually I,m only joking. The last thing I want is someone showing me pity couldnt stand that. 
The other day I posted a comment on a facebook site called ' Cancer Sucks' and the response has been hilarious. Typical Americans, all saying they will pray for me and one advising a visit to www. ha! cant wait to email back to break the news that any spiritual support I need comes from either the Buddist or Hindu tradition. What is it with Americans they are so over the top. Anyhow not going to look at that page anymore as its full of poeple saying the cancers come back or someone is dying from Chemo - gloom gloom. I suppose if you have lived through this hell the last thing you are going to do is bother to post good news on a cancer site. No you run a mile from it and get on with your life. If however you find yourself back in it the mire you look for support from others in the same situation. I have to consider this with my website as the last thing I want is for it to be miserable.......

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