Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday, Sunday

Soo tired after yesterday. Keiran wouldnt take no for an answer so we ended up cutting the hedge and trimming back a few bushes. I was'nt much help and Keiran is a man mountain, but I did a bit. I can feel it this morning, so have retired to my shed with the Sunday magazines, and I shall rest a while.
 I have a rather large Ulcer on the side of my tongue, just where I had the last one, which is a nuisance to say the least, and a nose that keeps bleeding slightly. The nose thing is new, although last time it bled a little. This time round its bleeding a bit more. Hopefully it will stop soon as we are going round to Colette's and Christian's for dinner and I dont want to put everyone off thier food. Ah the joys of Chemo. Only one more to go though. That thought keeps me going. 1 month from now that stage of my life shall be over and I cant wait.........

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