Friday, 16 September 2011

I am Safe !!

Had a really really good sleep last night, so have woke up with that hung over feeling you get from sleeping deeply but feel I have caught up a bit on the night before.

Last chemo went ok. Canula inserted on second attempt. They warned me it would hurt as they had to stick in right in the side of my wrist ( the only place they could find another vein.) Thankfully it worked. Although I have to question wether it was the fact that my bra was stuffed with smoky quartz and the Mica that Emma sent to me that got my body ready to accept. It does seem strange that the only time it went badly was when I forgot to use them. Well only the Universe knows the answer, but whatever it was I was very thankful. I am also very thankful thet I have had no side effects whilst the Taxidere was being inserted. The lady that has been along the same treatment as me went into some kind of toxic shock again yesterday and they had to stop the treatment and give her oxygen as she couldnt breathe and went an awful colour. After a rest they started it again and it was going ok when I left. But it just shows again how lucky I have been so far. But is it luck ?, or is it that I feel supported and nutured by a far greater energy that is guiding me through this and helping me. So far I have listened to and followed the guidance provided and somehow I am getting through. I do fundamentely believe that the Universe has everthing in order ( whatever it may be ) and that I am safe. There is no need for to push forward at the moment. My job right now is to rest in the nature of myself, heal  and prepare for the next task the Universe presents me with............ trouble is I cant wait !!

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