Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thank god I am not alone

 Had a great day yesterday- my Reiki session threw up some rather interesting stuff, I suddenly found myself speeding down a gilded vaulted tunnel towards a big gold door. David ( my Reiki therapist)  and I both came to the conclusion that the door represented my future, or metaphysically in buddist traditions the door represents the third eye, so it could be interpreted that I am ready to open psychically. Bizarre really as I keep getting told that. Also a very dear friend sent me a crystal that is of the Mica family and according to my Crystal bible Mica opens you up to spirit. So been told twice in one day.

Then last night I rang a local company and the owner answered. I had seen her about a month ago in the Macmillan suite and obviously we both had no previous idea of our conditions until then.  Before we got down to business I thought I would enquire how she was. At this she burst into tears and told me that it was terminal and that she was not feeling very well. She was on her own so I asked her if she wanted company, but her daughter was on her way. She kept apologising but I told her to let it all out and we had a little chat as she cried. Somehow I found this very upsetting and I was still crying as Den came home, I suppose I really could identify with her fears and her pain. If fact just reading this back has made me cry !!! Anyhow I have rung her this morning and she is feeling much better, which has made me feel better to. We have agreed that she can call me anytime she wants and have a cry or a rant or whatever. And that we shall meet up when we both emerge from our chemo fog in about 2 weeks.

Dens day off so a spot of lunch then off  to hospital for blood tests ready for tomorrow- just hope they can find the vein this time !!

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