Friday, 2 September 2011

Out and About

Had a great day yesterday getting out and about in my car. Went to Brigg, then to Grimsby and ended up in the shop. Saw a few of my nice customers and caught up a bit on the gossip. It felt really good to be normal again. Bit knackered when I eventually got home but it was a nice knackered. Hopefully I shall have a good couple of weeks before the 15th. It means I can get a few things done that need doing but I run out of time.

Having lunch with Michelle today- which I,m looking forward too, then Keirans over tomorrow, so can catch up with him. Hopefully catch up with Collette next week. Feel I havnt seen my friends for so long , it will be good to meet up with them all. I do hope to arrange an 'end of treatment' party at some point, so we can all get together again.  Hopefully we shall have something to celebrate.

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