Sunday, 25 September 2011

back to hospital

Hi everybody Dennis here with an update as Bronia is back in hospital. Thursday night and Friday Bronia really tired, sore throat, ulcers and then pm Friday high temp. Hospital told her to go to in immediately as temp over 38. Got to A & E about 6.45pm and had to endure 30 mins surrounded by sick people.Put in resus room and eventaully a very nice dreadlock regae reggae doctor managed to get a line into foot and started IV anti-biotics as temp was now 39.1 and doctor very concerned. Bronia spent night with very little sleep in ward and them moved to A1 which is cancer ward. Happy there as she has own en-suite room with tv but no mini-bar!
Went to see her yesterday evening and seemed much better - white blood cell count very low so means very susceptible to any bugs or infection so given injection to help raise this count plus still getting anti-biotics. Think she will be in hospital for hopefully only a couple of more days. Thanks to Caroline for helping Friday and to Sue for her help and everybody for their good w ishes. Will keep you updated on progress

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  1. Glad to see you got home. Just commenting to let you know I've checked out your Blog as I promised & it's both cool & honest as you stated, but loving it, lol. Stay well & hope not to see you for a long time (you know what I mean). Take care