Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I dont have Cancer anymore !!

After waiting an hour in the Macmillan suite yesterday, I eventually got to see Dr Butt my oncologist. Nice man but very difficult to understand him. Anyhow he asked me if the Chemo was better or worse than I thought it would be, I said it had been better. Then he asked if I had any problems I said no. Then he said I didnt need any pills ( as in Hormone treatment) which I already knew. He then said I do not have Cancer anymore. I then told him I was going on holiday in October to which he responded can I change it?? Why I asked ?? Was there a medical reason ?? He then said no but it would interfere with my radiotherapy. I said no it wouldnt as I was told it could take upto 6 weeks between Chemo and Radiotherapy. And anyway as I dont have cancer any longer would a weeks delay make any difference?? He then said ok and that he would send me an appointment to see him in the new year at which point he would discuss when I would get scanned. I said why do I have to wait so long. He then repeated you do not have cancer and at this point you are far better than when I first saw you ( pre Chemo). I could disagree with that.  All in all this took 10 minutes maximum. It cost me £ 3 to park and took over an hour. We could have had that discussion over the telephone!! No wonder the NHS has no money !!
Anyhow its official I dont have Cancer anymore and they obviously dont expect it to come back before the New Year.
 I should get Dr Butt to speak to HSBC's insurance scheme as they put the facts into thier computer yesterday and the computer said 'no' it wouldnt cover me for any Cancer related problems whilst I'm on my holiday. It would cover me for say a car accident, but not for any Cancer related problem. Well thats no problem cos I dont have Cancer anymore - Get it ??

Haha its a funny old life isnt it. Anyhow off to the Odyssey center for Reiki and then a relaxing afternoon in my shed, meditating and reading my lastest book a Compassionate Mind. Its a good life at the moment,will I ever want to work again ??.....

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