Friday, 30 September 2011


Whew what a scorcher. Am in my shed with curtains across the door keeping out the sun, unbelievable.
Front page of Grimsby Telegraph is reporting on the death of a local women who had been fighting breast cancer for 3 years - it reapearred in her liver. She was 33 and had done loads of fund raising since her diagnosis. What a waste, this fucking disease is so indescriminate. So it appears is the success of the treatments. Its like a lottery. Still you have to be in it to win it !! And I'm deffinately in it. Have a C T scan over in Hull on the 17th October to prepare for the radiotherapy when I get back from my holiday. Before that however is a blood test on Monday to check my progress- which in view of my recent problems I am not looking forward too. Still apart from that I am feeling stronger and much better. Have done a little painting on my shed today ( just finishing off bits - Den did most of it last week) and felt ok although I did lay down for a rest afterwards and fell asleep !! Still, will get a bit stronger every day until I'm up and running which hopefully wont be long.....

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