Monday, 3 October 2011


Not so much to say today. I am feeling better but still really tired and sleeping like a log at night. Guess I.m still recovering from the infection. Have to go to the hospital today to get my bloods checked- which in view of my vein situation I am not looking forward too. Then a bit of food shopping and if I have any energy left a walk in Cleethorpes with Dennis this afternoon.
Kieran came over yesterday and he and Dennis attacked our front garden and gave it a good tidy. I wandered around handing them things ( which was as much as I could manage ) and then we had a BBQ. Can you imagine a BBQ on 1st October??  The weather has gone mad. Still it was a very nice day.
I am hoping this fatique will wear off soon, that together with my still streaming eyes is starting to really piss me off. I really feel like I cant be bothered to do anything.  And that as you know is  not like me.

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