Saturday, 15 October 2011

Walk on

What a lovely day, the sun is shining and it is warm out here in my shed. How lucky are we to get this late sunshine? Had a good day yesterday, with a visit to the Odyssey Center for a treatment and then popped into the shop to check up on everything. Which thankfully was ok. Today I am going to plant some winters plants we brought back from Norfolk into some containers for some winter cheer. Have cold in my shoulder and neck ( from throwing off my covers in the night) and its upset my stump, which is also feeling a bit tender. Ah well shall just have to take it easy. ( if I take it any easier I shall grind to a complete stop). Did well on my walk yesterday- did 50 minutes - 2 miles. Felt quite tired at one point and had to have a little rest, but happy with my progress.

Appointments changed for hospital. Hull called to confirm my appointment for Monday and I happened to mention that I was having my stump expanded next Friday - after the scan. They then said the scan needed to be done after the expansion and have changed my appointment to Mon 24th. Why dont these people ask me what other appointments I have. I mean I,m not unusual, lots of women have these expander's and I guess a fair few end up with radiotherapy, so it cant be anything new to them.  They only have to ask the question when they call you initially to arrange. Anyhow lucky for me I mentioned it otherwise would have had a wasted journey on Monday !!

Looked at Breast Cancer Care website yesterday, dont know what possessed me, because now I think I have a secondary, I knew I shouldnt look at those bloody things.....

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