Tuesday, 18 October 2011

All's Well

Heck, times just running away with me. I seem to be running out of hours in the day at the moment and I cant figure out how or why. Am feeling much better, fatigue is becoming less and less every day, so I suppose Im doing more than I was. Lots of jobs that need catching up on. Looking forward to our holiday next week. It will be great to get away to some proper sunshine, and to be able to walk along a lovely beach.

Just been looking at my face in the mirror- boy is it crinkled !! I know they warn you that your skin will suffer, but blimey I look like a prune. That is despite all the moisturisers I have applied several times a day in the hope of preventing this.  But if it means my life has been saved I guess its a small price to pay. ( and I can always just double up on Botox and Fillers)

Looking forward to tonight, Sue's coming round for a catch up that will include a little sparkling wine and a lot of chat, Ok got that the wrong way round. I mean a little chat and a lot of sparkling wine !!

Then on Friday I get my stump pumped up again, ready to show off on Saturday night when we,re off celebrating Colette's 40 th !!

All in all ' alls well in my world' - at the moment !!.....

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