Monday, 24 October 2011

Hair today

Off to Hull this afternoon to have a scan and permanent tattoo's put on my stump ( tittoo's). The tattoo's are put on by the radiotherapy department - they are very small brown spots, so that they know where to head for when I commence radiotherapy. Should be an interesting experience.

My fingernails are becoming more disgusting by the day. Isnt it weird that theyve only just started going that way, weeks after I have finished chemo? Still, nothing I can do but wait for them to grow out.  Good news is I have some 'fluff' appearing on the top of my head. Not on the sides yet, but on the top. Now I have to wait and see what the colour will be ( at the moment it looks very light ) and what kind of texture I shall end up with.  Its quite interesting to see how my body is changing yet again.

Managed another 50 minute walk yesterday, although my legs and feet ached but did it none the less. Looking forward to walking much more on our holiday, and swimming, both will do me good. Am wanting to get radiotherapy over and done with now. Must be feeling better as I couldnt even think about it before. Just want to complete all these treatments and continue in life. Dennis and I intend to have lots of discussions next week about what I want to do next year. Have lots of thoughts about that but you have to think about practicalities all the time- bloody annoying....

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