Thursday, 13 October 2011

By the Sea side

What can I say- its been days since my last blog !! I have been in Norfolk - my home county , staying at my brother in laws house near Cromer. My brother in law is on holiday and his and Dens Mum who is 93 was staying at a nursing home whilst Alan was away. So we decided to go down so I could get some beach walking and we could also give May some company whilst she was there.
Had a really good time - the weather was Fab - 20 C - unheard of in October. I finally managed a 1 hour walk on Tuesday ( pathetic I know),  before  ' all this' I wouldnt have thought twice about a 1 hr walk. But this felt quite an achievement. 
Had a lovely meal at Brancaster  White Horse one evening. A great big bowl of proper Norfolk Mussels - yummy, and three glasses of wine !!! It was so funny because on the next table talking REALLY LOUDLY where a group of retired ' posh' people - typical types that holiday in Norfolk. They didnt mean to be but they were very amusing. Just as well really because they drowned out everything else. Totally un PC they were referring to ' Dusky' people and shooting and stuff. Totally unaware of how the whole restuarant were chuckling away. Classic.
Den's mother May was also amusing at times. She gets very confused at times and comes out with stuff that has you trying not to laugh, as she then asks you what you are laughing at !! Then suddenly she changes and becomes totally lucid and starts a conversation about current affairs. Madness !
Anyhow the change and sea air has done me good. I am feeling much better. My thumb nails however have become really discoloured, and the rest on my nails are starting to go the same way. My fingertips are still numb and tingly, which is obviously connected as are my toes and balls of my feet. Its quite bizarre, that this is still occuring weeks after chemo. Am slightly concerned that I may lose my nails, but not worried as theres nothing I can do. Looking forward to my holiday in two weeks. But before then have a pre- radiotherapy scan in Hull on Monday, then an appointment in Grimsby next Friday to increase my tissue expander. Shall feel like a beached whale on holiday- but shall in fact look like Matt Lucas !! Poor Germans- shall they be ready for this .......

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