Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I'm Tittoe'd

The building that houses Oncology and Radiotherapy in Hull is new and quite something. I was seen quite quickly and the staff were all very pleasant. Was asked if I could put both my arms over my head for scan and subseqent radiotherapy sessions. Luckily I can so that creates no problems. They got me into position, they have sort of cups for your hands and arms, put loads of stickers and felt tip lines over my stump and scanned the area. Then they gave me two very small permanent marks that look just like moles which they will use to line me up every time I have radiotherapy. Clever isnt it??

They have told me I shouldnt have to wait too long to get into each session which is a good thing and treatment takes about 20 mins. So hopefully as I have to be there every day at 9.30 I should be out by 10.15 which means getting home by about 10.45. Which means I dont have to lose everyday I will have time left to do other things.

Looking forward to our holiday now.  Spending the rest of the day preparing for it, will be so good to get away and swim and walk along the beach and do normal things. Shall of course update you on our return ......

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