Thursday, 3 November 2011


Well thats it for now. Had a great time in Gran Canaria. Weather was 29 degrees most of the time. The hotel was brilliant. Food was delicious. AND I got Cava everyday with breakfast!! What can I say?

On a serious note I did spend time swimming and walking. We walked for at least 1 hour per day. It has helped me feel soo much better. Stronger and fitter despite all the food ( and drink). It was just what we both needed, though I have to say my baldy napper caused some attention around the pool. Kids being kids were all totally fascinated and made no attempts to hide their curiousity- good for them.

However that wont happen again because all that sunshine has given me a fuzz of hair growth, its bizarre. Its all coming through at different speeds, and I think its going to be gray. Now I'm cool about that as long as its gray all over and not all stripy. I would like white as I would enjoy using pinks and blues and purples to colour it. But anyhow I shall just have to wait and see. Whatever comes through I have to put up with it for 6 months- apparently you are not supposed to use dyes. I do wonder if henna is OK. I shall try and find out. The really annoying thing is my legs have grown hairs too. Now that means I have to start shaving, damn it. You see its true- for every up theres a down.   And NO sign of my eyelashes returning. I dont care about the hair, I really want my eyelashes back. Typical isnt it ??

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