Monday, 14 November 2011

A plan

Madame Butterfly was lovely- such a sad story. Poor girl horribly taken advantage of and killing herself because she has been disowned and dishonoured at 18. How often does that happen now still??

Had a lovely walk on the beach yesterday with Keiron and Graham, it was so still and mild. I am so glad that I can at last go for a decent walk and enjoy it, it was one of the things I really missed being able to do. It makes me feel normal again.

 Michelle came with me to the hospital this morning and we had a good time together chatting about all sorts ( as you do) and we ended up doing a meditation, its always nice to share that with someone.

I am thinking of going back to Nepal in Feb next year. Oh I know about the insurance stuff and everything. But this all started in Nepal and as before I feel I have unfinished business there. Ideally this time we would like to be there for Losa, Tibetian New Year. Which we just missed last year. I also want to visit a Bon monestry in Northern India - Menri where Chongtul Rinpoche comes from. And a school for nuns run by a Nepalese nun outside Kathmandu. As well as revisiting Lumbini and Pokahara and spending more time there. So Universe willing we will get there.  I really do hope I can make it ....

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