Friday, 11 November 2011

1st week in the bag

Well thats it !! First week completed. Feeling fine so far ( fingers crossed).
All those familiar with the Mayan prophecies will be aware that of the 10ths full moon the countdown to 21/12 begins. So at 11.11am on 11/11/11 I had a meditation, along with a load of other lightworkers. I sent love and universal energy to our planet and to all sentient beings, and to myself. It felt really good to do that.

And now I,m off to lunch with Michelle. We,re off to Tealby, first to do a bit of RT ( retail therapy) and then to the pub for a really nice meal. Tomorrow evening I,m off to Madame Butterfly and out on Sunday for lunch with Keiron and Graham. So a lovely few days ahead. I hope you all have the same...

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