Monday, 21 November 2011

Hairy Mary

What can I say ? Recieved an invite from the NHS ( from Castle Hill ) inviting me for a free breast screen. I have emailed them and politely put them in the picture, ironic isnt it??  Still I'm not suggesting its not a good thing because it is. And three years ago I had one and got the all clear. Shame is its every three years, if it had been two I might have had a different story. But thats Murphy's law or Karma, whatever. It just made me smile.
Anyhow on the last week of radiotherapy and then FREEDOM. I shall not know what to do with myself. Having said that next Monday shall be hectic as I am having my kitchen floor tiled, followed fairly closely by having the rest of the kitchen refitted. Hopefully it shall be completed by 18th Dec as I am having a little midwinter solstice party on 21st as I usually do.
Enjoying my returning eyelashes - celebrated a bit this morning by applying  mascara. They are still only half there but it pleases me to get the old slap on before I leave the house. Its all in my head as no-one else would notice, they are so tiny, but its my head that counts and thats the important bit. As for the rest on my hair thats growing too. My head hair is really fluffy and looks a bit darker although its hard to tell what colour I shall end up with. Annoyingly the hairs on my legs reached monkey status at the weekend and I have had to shave them, as has the fluff on my face. It the light I look really hairy it bizarre....

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