Friday, 4 November 2011

Bodies on its way back to me

Had a good treatment at the Odyssey center, reflexology which helped my aching feet. Its amazing how your body quickly gets out of condition. My feet are really suffering at the moment, having gone from not being able to do much to walking fast for an hour. Anyhow not complaining, its really nice to start feeling your body is a little more under your control. Honestly its hard to describe how the chemo has such a huge effect - especially towards the end. Not just physically but emotionally,mentally, and spiritually. It completely takes over. Now I feel I am getting ' Bronia' back at last. I am not a ' fade', just me. Warts and all.!

Next step is radiotherapy which starts on Monday. I have to be in Hull for 9.30 every day Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. Then that's it, all over as far as treatment is concerned. Then the waiting starts, to find out if all this misery has been worth it. And I think that is going to be the hardest part of all. A complete mind fuck every time I feel a little unwell or find a swelling.  What can you do? You have to just get over it and make the most of every day, which I fully intend to do. Have started having a bit of a clear out and am going to continue through the house until I have finished, hopefully before Monday.

On a happier note my hair is continuing to sprout through, although its really a baby fuzz. I look really funny, but am happy its on its way as it really does make your head feel cold without it. Still no sign of eyelashes though but hell you cant have everything!!

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