Friday, 18 November 2011

1 week left

Cant believe that this time next week I will have finished my treatment. At last after 8 months I shall be free. ( I pray)  Mind you I shall be busy with getting this new kitchen in and Christmas shopping and various party type things. So I reckon I wont have much time to think about it till the New Year. Then I shall hopefully be busy making final arrangements to go to Nepal.
I keep saying hopefully because of course there is always the danger of IT coming back. As much as I am not going to dwell on IT, it is still none the less the elephant in the room. I am concerned that IT might spoil my chances of getting back to Nepal, and it cloudes everything. I suppose its like tempting fate. Part of me is scared that if I take the attitude IT has gone forever, then Murphys law takes over. Its like double jeopardy. I told you its a head fuck didnt I ??

Anyhow whatever!!  At least I now have eyelashes that are almost long enough to have mascara on!! And a load of fuzz on my face which looks really funny together with the growing fuzz on my head!!

Gotta get on now and start clearing out some more rubbish. Sorting kitchen stuff in preparation for the new floor coming a week on Monday....

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