Thursday, 17 November 2011

Only 6 more

Getting through Radiotherapy. So far its been fine - no problems. In fact time has gone so quickly since it started and I only have 6 more to go Hurrah !!! Then its over - for the time being. End of treatment, unbelievable.  Brilliant !!

Shall get chucked out of the system until end of January when I have an appointment with the Oncologist. I guess I shall have a scan sometime after that. Not really bothered about getting scanned, I mean if there is something there do you really want to know at that point ?? Anyhow, shall get it done but in no rush.

Den came with me yesterday and we went to Beverley. I had forgotten how nice it is. We had a really good time wandering around the shops before coming home for a rest.
Christmas is just around the corner and I,m having my kitchen refitted before that ( mad I know). Once the Radiotherapy ends I shall be really busy with emptying my cupboards in readiness for that. But we want to have a New Year, New Beginning so felt it would be right to get that all out of the way. I just hope we can get it all done ......

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