Monday, 7 November 2011

First Radiotherapy ( 14 to go)

So far so good for radiotherapy. We got there early and had a cup of coffee in the cafe. The radiotherapy staff were lovely. Only problem was that my machine was one of two that packed up this morning, so everyone was having to be moved onto the other four machines. That said I was only about 45 minutes late getting started. My first session took 23 minutes as they had to take some pictures and get my position right. I have to lay on my back on something that looks like a spine board then put my arms over my head and rest them in some cup things that take the weight, turn my face to the left and stay very still. I am very good at staying still so there were no problems.  ( I used the time to meditate) The bed and/ or the machine moves around/ over you, you dont feel a thing. Of course its possible that halfway through the treatments I shall start to feel tender and sore, and maybe tired as my body starts to concentrate on healing the areas that have been burnt. But for now its ok. The hospital is really clean and modern  and I have no complaints on my first visit.

I shall take some rest this afternoon as I have an evening with Sue tonite ( with wine) and have to be up again tomorrow morning for my second dose. I do intend to be careful and as ever listen to my body and do what it tells me. However compared to Chemo this is much more pleasant.

I have retreated from my shed today as the weather is damp and miserable, but yesterday afternoon it was so warm in there I had to have the door open. What a change!

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