Monday, 28 November 2011


Why oh why did I decide to get my kitchen done, and why did I decide to do it before Christmas?? I must be mad. The joiner turned up at 7.30 - we were just out of bed. He helped Den to move our Welsh Dresser in preparation for the tiler. When Den took up a bit of carpet we had in one side of our kitchen there was vinyl underneath- and it was stuck to the floor!!! A mad half hour commenced as poor Dennis tried to prise this stuff off. Eventually the joiner got stuck in too and between them managed to get it off. Then the tiler turned up and for the last couple of hours has been removing the floor tiles - which has been a noisy and dusty process. He has now got to do the wall tiles !! We have also found out that the actual floor tiles are not getting delivered until tomorrow. On a positive note the joiner has sad he will be back next Monday to start his work so hopefully everything will be completed by end of next week. We must be completely bonkers !! I am working from the dinning room which is quite nice as its a room we dont use much and I like it, it makes a change to be in here.
I am busy buying Christmas presents on line, as it appears that I shall be here for the festivities. Left it just in case I could cop out but have now decided to bite the bullet and get started !! 
Got a shock yesterday - decided to look in the magnifying mirror with my glasses on - really to check out my fillers, when I realised my eyebrows have grown back with a vengeance. OMG I looked like Ivan the Terrible, they were about an inch thick!! I am hoping that they put on a monsterous growth spurt overnight and that I have not been walking around with them scaring people. So a huge plucking session was called for which was very painful. I do think however I shall need to call on professional help......

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