Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Off the Deep end

Met up with Christian and Colette yesterday - newly back from base camp Nepal. They brought me back some lovely Nepalese gifts including some prayer flags to replenish my existing ones which are looking a little windswept. It was great to hear their experiences.
Had a great day out in Hull. Den came with me for my radiotherapy and then we went into Hull to do a bit of shopping. I like Lush products and made a beeline for the shop. When you go in they immediately jump on you and start to tell you stuff you already know. It puts me off and if they are not careful I will just say ' Boring' and walk out. Anyhow this particular one obviously realised I was getting to the 'B' part and cleverly left me alone. One of the productsI wanted was CACA ( french for shit) which is their Henna product. Henna is a natural hair dye- I am not allowed to use chemical dye for 6 months. If anyone knows why please tell me. Anyhow I went over to the checkout with my Henna and asked how much of the slab I needed to use.  Her colleague asked a very pertinent question. How long is the hair. I answered by removing my furry fur trappers hat. OMG you should have seen their faces, it was classic. I loved it !! Dennis wished he knew what I was going to do as he would have taken the picture which we could have posted here. Unfortunately you will just have to use your imagination. !!
After that and a nice pub lunch we went to the Deep. Brilliant, went a few years back and always wanted to go again. I love that there is just a bit of glass between you and all those creatures. At one point you feel you can just step off the cliff and be in their with them.
I am knackered now and getting dinner ready. But its a nice knackered instead of ill knackered.
Tomorrow Sue is coming with me. After the radiotherapy we are off to get Botox and Fillers Ha !! that will kick the cancer up the arse, thinking it can rob me of my looks as well as my booby...  then more RT in Beverley. Oh I'm soo lucky

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