Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bon Voyage

Kitchen floor is halfway tiled hurray, it doesnt take much these days to make me happy. Poor Den has been using his afternoons off the get the ceiling painted and I have been painting the walls, a little at a time. We havnt finished but plan to attack it again on Sunday.  Lets hope the rest of the installation goes ok.  Its a bit of a bummer as I am tied to the house for most of the week, waiting for plumbers electricians etc. But its an excuse to get some other work done which I have been putting off. Including clearing the leaves from my garden, and gives me time to plan our Nepalese trip.  Although once the kitchen is finished I shall be running around madly trying to get some Christmas shopping done.
One of my dear friends, Emma, has recently returned from a trip to Bali, which she found to be a very profound spiritual journey- check her webpage She wants to go back and has asked if I and some other friends would like to accompany her next May/ June.  I sent out to the Universe that I wanted to travel a lot next year, so far I had only got Nepal ( and maybe Eygpt) and now suddenly I have a wonderful opportunity to experience what Emma has in Bali, with her and possibly other good friends. What a result, the Universe has provided !! Now all I want is for it to provide me good health and funding, not much of an ask is it ???....

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