Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lost another one

God I,m knackered. Nearly finished painting my kitchen, but decided to give up and let Den help me finish tomorrow. Not bad considering I only completed radiotherapy last week. Thankfully no signs of soreness or fatigue. I'm tired but I would be anyway having been painting for 3 days !!  I,ve been working in between the workmen to get the painting done on the basis its better to paint now than after and risk splashing my new cupboards.  Mad I know but I felt I needed to 'do' somthing. Hopefully the kitchen will be completed by end of next week and I can concentrate on more important things like my Christmas party.

Obituary in the local paper today about a 54 yr old woman who has died of Breast cancer. It said she had been diagnosed 3 years earlier, had op, chemo and radiotherapy. Then it came back appearing in her hips and back.  They told her she had 3 years, however she had a siezure and they discovered it had also attacked her brain. She died soon after. Fucking Cancer, I hate it.  There were loads of comments about how positive she was, how she laughed all the way,and how she ' battled ' the bastard. However not intending to take anything away from this lady, I would like to point out that there's nothing like a life threatening disease to make you see how laughable life is. You do start to see the humour in everything and how unimportant things that used to wind you are actually are.  As for' battling', you dont have any choice, you,ve got to say 'Fuck This' and make the best of everything. Its not ' battling' the bastard its surviving for as long as you can. I hate the words, battling, inspirational, brave etc. We're not really, we are just trying to live our lives as fully as we can, whilst we can. Dying is something that we shall all do, this just brings that reality a little closer. Its the living bit thats important making the most of what time we have left...

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