Friday, 16 December 2011

I,m Published !!!

OMG such an exciting day. We arrived at the Reeds Hotel for the Odyssey Christmas lunch. You may recall I was not looking forward to that, worried that I should not enjoy being in a room with ' Cancer' sufferers. But on arrival I was greeted by the staff congratulating me on my article which had been printed in the More to Life magazine !!  I had submitted the article in July, but had not heard anything so assumed ( wrongly) that they had over looked me. Imagine how delighted I felt to see my article in print. How synchronistic also that an appeal for the Odyssey Center is featured in the same magazine, in fact without that I would never have known I had been printed.  I was also interviewed by the Scunthorpe Evening News about my experience of the center and they took my picture ( not so sure I want that printed). I felt like a mini celebratory by the time I sat down to my lunch. It was FAB. In fact the whole afternoon was very pleasant. If you want to read the article you can sign up for a digital version FOC at have  read and see what you think- its called ' It began in Nepal'

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