Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Aniversary of the death of my Nan. She died in my arms at my home in 1998. Such a shock at the time and it took a few Christmase's to get over it. And of course every 28th Dec is time for remembrance.  She would have been horrified at my diagnosis as I was her baby. I do believe there have been times this year when she was around, keeping a check on me. RIP Nan.

My nails have gotten worse, the blackness has almost grown out but the condition of whats following is awful. They are really dry and they have horizontal ridges running across them like tree circles. The good news is that the new nail coming through looks healthy, but thats going to take months to grow to the ends. My fingertips and toes are still numb- which is quite strange. On a good note though, I feel great. My energy levels have stayed high despite the enormous ammount of food and alcohol I have consummed.  I gave Dennis a Reiki session the other day because I felt my fingers were buzzing. In fact all of me was buzzing. I feel as though certain parts of me have been renewed, and I suppose as Chemo kills off all your cells, they have. ( Cant ascertain which parts feel new as they are inside, hopefully my liver is one of them !)  Spent yesterday working on a new article which I will submit to another magazine, I have got the bug. All in all I am ready to embrace 2012.

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