Monday, 19 December 2011

Welcome back synchronicities

Had a great weekend. Yesterday we went to a carol service in Broughton- which we try and go to every year and then as we were out that way we popped into the shop of a woman we met at the Odyssey center lunch. She stocks all kinds of alternative products from incense to crystals and clothes. We got talking and it turns out she knows loads of local people who are into all kinds of therapies and workshops and healing. She told me about an event held locally in August each year where all kinds of alternative things happen. She then asked me if I would be prepared to give a talk at this event. Never one to say no, I of course said I would be interested.  She was very interested in my Love Heals workshops and of my Reiki classes, so I am thinking that the Universe has decided its time to pick myself up and get back into the saddle so to speak. Its funny because I had a conversation with it about a week ago and said that if it was still interested in me it ought to start showing me a way forward and bingo, lots of potential new avenues to explore.  Great stuff this cosmic ordering.
I have been reading my friend Emma's journal on Bali - and I cant wait to go, the whole thing sounds amazing and I cant wait to see what Hindu spirit decides to possess me, whichever one it is I sincerely hope it chases any trace of the big C right out of my body, that is if the Universe decides it is the right and proper thing to do. Anyhow I reckon it will be a fantastic journey. In the meantime we still have the Nepal trip to finalise and I can hardly wait for that to happen.  So heres to a great 2012 !!

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