Monday, 5 December 2011

Hi ho its off to work we go

Fed up with camping in the Utility room. At last however the kitchen is taking shape and I get to see if all the bits Ive chosen actually go together. So far it appears that they do, however will postpone judgement until I see the finished product.
Spend yesterday morning in the shop- on my own, first time since April. Took the opportunity to trim it up for Christmas.  Enjoyed it although got a little bit fed up with the 'inspirational' thing from customers. I know they are wishing me well and it would be odd if they didnt say anything, but over and over again gets a little wearing. I tried to explain that I'm not brave, inspirational etc, just doing what I had to do to get through. And that I'm filled with cowardice at the thought of it coming back. Anyhow I guess the attention will pass after a couple of weeks of people getting used to me being around again. My very short hair doesnt help as it serves to remind people of where Ive been, again that will lessen as it grows. On that subject, I should say that it is still really soft and baby like. Colour wise its hard to decide as the hair itself looks quite grey, but the overall impression is of dark hair, really weird. Guess I'lle have to just wait a bit longer to see the end product. Had a chat with an old friend yesterday on the telephone. After enquiring about my treatment they launched into a poor me poor me, I,m depressed saga. Now I'm not wanting to be mean, and I know I,ve had my moaning moments, but I just couldnt have that conversation with them. I felt that if I got started on thier favourite subject I might just give them a piece of my mind. For years I have listened, tried to be supportive, but now I find I have no patience left on that subject. I just wanted to say ' its about time you got off your arse and pulled yourself together',  that is a bit mean isnt it ??

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