Friday, 30 December 2011

Nepal here we come

Well its done, we have finally booked our flights to Nepal. We shall go mid Feb and return early March. We will be there for Losar, Tibetan New Year. I am sure that once all the Docs know I'm going they will raise all kinds of reasons why I shouldnt go, particularly that nasty Dr Spensley, who I have an appointment with on 7th Feb. She will definately tell me I shouldnt go. I shall however be ready for her this time. She will not speak to me like she did last time, as I shall just say that we must have a personality clash and that I wish to speak to another Doctor.  I shall be polite. But who cares about that. The good news is we are going. Dennis is really excited - absolutely mad, as he 1. Hates long flights. 2. Hates roughing it. 3.Usually gets a bad stomach. 4. Is car sick 5. Got Bells Palsy on his return last time. And even he cant say why it is that he can suffer all this just to get back. In fact he has been the one pushing to do this. Just like I was the second time. I tell you Nepal has a real effect on people. I have also submitted my second article to a magazine. Would be great to get another one published, but will wait and see. Anyhow having a quiet New Years Eve in, shall go into my shed at midnight and raise a glass to it. And having Kieron and Graham over for lunch on New Years Day. So please have a very Happy 2012 as I fully intend to...

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