Thursday, 22 December 2011

The morning after

Ohh to much champers last night ( can you ever have too much). Good company with friends time passes so quickly. Actually I am starting with a cold, my throat is sore and my sinius's feel full. Great.  Shall have a lazy day to try and recover quickly. Am thinking of getting my hair dyed pink. I quite fancy that, and keeping it short. Only thing is you are supposed to wait for 6 months before putting a chemical dye on it. Why ? I dont really know. Shall get on the internet to try and find out. I mean what could possibly happen? Would it fall out, again?
I shall endeavour to find out and will keep you informed.
Christmas is just around the corner Den and I are planning a quiet one and Boxing day will be spent with Christian and Colette. Then Den is off down to Norfolk to visit his mum who is getting confused and is probably spending her last Christmas in her home. Sad.  Anyhow I have a couple of ideas to keep me entertained while he' s away- like planning what to do next. Updating my website, stuff like that. We should also book our flights to Nepal, afterall we are planning to go mid Feb.....

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