Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Home alone

Well thats it, Christmas is over. Dennis has gone down to Norfolk to visit his mum and I am home alone. Wonderful !! I have work to do- read my new book on hinduism, write another article , chill, watch TV, take a long bath . I think you get it, trouble is I only have two days ( 1 night) in which to revel in this state. And I have house cleaning and ironing to do - pooh. Had a great day with Christian and Collette yesterday, lovely roast beef lunch and great company. Good to catch up with friends over the holiday period- everyone is less stressed and more chilled. Discussed with them all the possiblities of 2012 and now cant wait for it to arrive. I am not normally a new year person, in fact in the past I have felt quite depressed about it, but this year its like, bring it on, hurry up lets get there. Bit scary because on one hand I feel I am wishing my life away. On the other its like wanting to walk- sorry run- towards my new life and get it started, now.
Have decided to get back into Reiki teaching so will start advertising that, and trying to find a venue in which to hold a 'Love Heals' workshop. I shall also do a couple of Dennis's shifts in the shop, which will free him up to do other things. Also looking for new ideas for the shop, so a lot going on under the surface. We will also book flights to Nepal for February and I shall visit Bali with a couple of dear friends sometime in 2012.  I also hope to get a weeks holiday in Turkey with Dennis in June. Whew.. see how busy you get walking on planet C!!

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