Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy winter solstice - 365 days and counting

Well its here 21/12/11 one more year to the Mayan prophecy and who knows what if anything will happen. I like to have a party on the shortest day of the year and so tonight four of my freinds are coming round for a meal and copius drinking to celebrate, the house shall be ablaze with light inside and out to welcome the start of longer days to come. Before they arrive I shall light my Goddess candle that was lite from a candle in Nepal on my first trip, from the Goddess temple in Glastonbury. Lovely!

I had a real good chat with David at the Odyssey center yesterday and one of the many subjects we spoke of was the perpetual worry that the BUGGER might come back. Apparently it is a syndrome called Damocles Syndrome ( as in the sword of) so at least I know have a label that I can hang it on. I suppose I am lucky in that I can openly discuss this with Dennis, David and some of my freinds. I guess a lot of people are not able to express these concerns - and we all know what happens with suppressed feelings!!

Anyhow on a more interesting note; I feel amazing. I am bursting with energy. Not so much the physical, although I have much more than before the big C. But its more than that, I guess its spiritual energy. I feel I am bouncing off the walls. According to David this is very unusual. I should still be feeling quite tired following all the treatments I have had.  I feel that I have to get on and do somthing. I have asked the Universe to point the way, so shall keep you informed! In the meantime plans are forging ahead with Nepal trip and also the trip to Bali is manifesting as we speak. Come on 2012- lets get started .......

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