Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Trimmings

Kitchen is completed at last and I am updating this from my new island. The only problem is, having done the kitchen, the rest of the house looks shabby. We deffinately need to paint the lounge next. Dennis is putting on a brave face but I know that he's hoping I change my mind !!
He helped me to colour my hair this morning. I managed to find some natural dye that only needed to stay on for 45 mins, so now I am sporting a redish brown tint on my half inch hair. It was quite funny trying to instruct him on how to apply the dye, but he was pretty good.  We laughed that last time he helped was to remove my falling out hair, and now he's helping my dye it because its growing back. So again the circle has completed.
We went out yesterday and got the Christmas tree. We had such a struggle trying to put it in the holder thingy, but eventually we managed and I got it decorated before we went out for out supper in Cleethorpes.
Its funny but every year as I get out my Christmas trimmings I always reflect on the past year and when I take them down I ponder the year ahead.  Little did my ponderings last year include any of what has happened. And this year as I was decorating I couldnt help but wonder if I shall be taking them out again next year, and I know by how Dennis is that he is thinking the same. But thats walking on planet C for you. Bastard Cancer!!
Tonight I am having a meal with Michelle which I am looking forward to and tomorrow we are attending the Odyssey Christmas lunch at the Reeds hotel. How will I feel being back in a room with other cancer sufferers- I'le let you know.

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