Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mystic Bronia

What a great day I had yesterday, with Simon Goodfellow on his mediumship for beginners course. It was amazing. Really nice group of people- no nutters ( if you know what I mean) and a really relaxed space. I amazed myself with my physic abilities. As you will probably know I am sceptic by nature and logical so hearing myself coming out with ' stuff'' about people in photo's in envelopes and whilst holding an item that belongs to someone else, dead or alive, was pretty freaky. And I was pretty good even if I do say so myself!!
It was also great to be doing something normal ( if you can call it that) and getting back into the environment that I enjoy, it seemed such a long time ago that I was able to do that. Having said that I,m a little tired today which is not good as Dennis has to man the shop and we have a couple of guys arriving tomorrow to start work on our kitchen. So I am having to move bits out in readiness. Good thing we have a Utility room because that we serve as our kitchen for the next few days. Who's mad idea was it to get the work done before Christmas !!??

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