Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Impatient patient

Still feeling tired and worn out- bugger. Cant think theres much improvement yet, which is very frustrating. I feel like my get up and go has gone. I cant be bothered to do anything. House work has gone down the pan. If I walk upstairs I feel like I need to lie on my bed to recover from the strain. Its ridiculous. Den and I went into town today to shop and had a bit of lunch. Was so tired when I got home I  had to lie down to recover. Tomorrow we are going to Chesterfield and then onto Matlock for some transcendental checking. Thankfully Dennis will drive. We have planned to go  to Norfolk at the weekend, to do some beach walking. Cant see much walking happening but hopefully sea air shall do me some good.  This is driving me mad.  Fingers and Toes still feeling very strange and eyes continually running, its embarrassing.  Am sinking vitamins and now have some Actimel in the hope that it can buck me up. Any suggestions would be most welcome, anyone know a solution for this malaise ??

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