Saturday, 22 October 2011

Universal comments

Well yesterday was interesting. Started at the Pink Rose Suite where Barbara ( my breast nurse) was very complementary over the way I handled a call from a recently diagnosed lady, who asked Barbara if she could speak to someone who had been through the process. Then my consultant Jenny Smith was very happy over the way I looked ( she said she found it hard to believe I had recently been in hospital) as  I looked so healthy - another message from the Universe. Was really happy about how my stump had settled, so found no need to inflate it further.She also spoke to me about initial plans for reconstruction. Because of radiotherapy side effects I have to wait at least 6 months before reconstruction can commence. It will be a major op- much bigger than the first op to remove the breast. And recovery will take upto 6 months, although as she said I seem to bounce back quickly from these things so it hopefully wouldnt take that long for me. However I am not convinced that I want to tie myself down to something that will remove me from life for a period of time next year. If I am on borrowed time why would I want to give myself that grief when I could be living my life to the full? Afterall this is just a cosmetic procedure. Anyhow its too soon to make any decision about that, I shall ponder that over the coming months and see how I feel nearer the time.  As I said I feel very confident with my 'stump', it does not prevent me from wearing any of my clothes and next week it shall be on show in a bikini top. There is however a possibility that radiotheraphy may distort it, so I shall just have to wait and see.
They are so good at the Breast clinic that as I was walking out one of the nurses who had been in with us suddenly announced that as I was going abroad next week I ought to have a letter in case I set off the security scanners. Apparently the tissue expander has a metal port which can sometimes be picked up . So to save me from any potential hold up they have given me a letter explaining my metal piece. 

Popped into the shop where all my customers kept saying how well I looked ( Universe worked so hard yesterday)

I also had an appointment to see my GP later in the day as I wanted to ask her if she would give me some anti biotics in case I got an insect bite or injury to my right arm whilst on holiday. She very kindly did and also added the comment about how well I seem to be coping with all this and ' how well I looked' ( Universe). What can I say. I dont feel I am making any effort to deal with this, its just how it is. I have choosen to ' embrace' this rather than be in denial. Accepting a situation is by no means giving up or condoning what is happening, it just saves all that energy that would otherwise be wasted in feeling sorry for yourself or becoming horror of all horrors a Victim !!

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