Thursday, 20 October 2011

Indian Summer

Wonderful sunshine. Am sitting in my shed and its really warm. The sun is shining, its amazing for mid October. Had a good evening with Sue night before last. Loads of catching up.  Had another kitchen company around to give me a quote. God knows how much their quote is going to be. Thing is do I spend the money on a new kitchen or do I blow it on a wonderful trip ? Difficult one that!! Den and I have been talking about our future, well mine I suppose. Thing is I have to accept that whilst I may make a full recovery, it is also quite possible that I may develope a secondary. And whilst it is possible to survive quite a while with a secondary it does shorten your life span and your quality of life. With this very much in mind I am keen to make the most of every day whilst I can. Quite how I want to do this changes quite frequently- which is very frustrating for both of us. I am a bit limited for a time because of my condition for travelling. We both really want to go back to Nepal, I want to go to Egypt.  I want to travel around the UK in a camper van. UK/ Europe travel is OK, but Eastern destinations pose a potential health risk and lack of insurance becomes a problem. I shall have to bite the bullet and call some insurance companies, starting with the ones recommended by Breast Cancer Care. But I'le do that when I start radiotherapy, when I'm resting in the afternoons.

Been looking at my stats on this blog, am amazed to find that I have visits from France, Germay, Malasia, USA, India, Russia, not to mention all the other places that my friends have visited over the summer. Its strange isnt it ? , how small our planet has become. That people on the other side of the world are looking me up to read my mumblings. To them I say a very special ' hello' and thanks for your visit. Its very humbling.

Tomorrow I am getting my stump pumped up - ready to get ' them' out next week in my bikini round the pool. Before that however I have a celebration on Saturday with Colette and Christian which will be fun.......

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