Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sooo busy

This week has flown by, I dont know where its gone. Feeling back to old self but developed loads of fine lines around my mouth. When I told Dennis to look at them in Sainsbury's he stood and laughed. When I asked what was so funny he said ' you've got cancer, you've had an op and two lots of chemo and all you're worried about is a few lines on your face ' I could see his point, but they have appeared really suddenly, I look all prune like. Anyhow have bought loads more creams and applying more than before, I think the chemo must dehydrate your skin, ah well just another side effect, can fix it with Botox an fillers when Chemo over I suppose. I do remember thinking Kylie and Bernie Nolan looked older when they had come through this, and they would have loads more access to stuff than I do, ah well older looking and alive or smooth faced and dead, I know which one I'm choosing an it aint the one where I'm wearing white !.

Am doing a course on Meridian massage on Mon / Tues at UK Holistics in Grantham. Booked it at New year and when this happened I assumed I wouldnt be able to go. But I am really looking forward to learning a new therapy, especially as its an energy treatment based on the meridians. The guy that teaching it is well into Reiki and energy, we shall be working on one another, so hopefully he will be able to find where I'm blocked and be able to shift it for me.  I will hopefully also catch up with Chris and Sally who I know will be inspirational and give me a good kick up the bum !! Then Wed down to Glastonbury - the heart chakra of the world ( Mnt Everest being the Crown, pyramids being third eye- cant remember the others) its such a healing place to be. Shall visit Chalice well, the Goddess Temple, the Tor, the Abbey and also visiting Avebury. Shall also catch up with my dear friend Emma, we will have so much to talk about and share. What a week !!!  Shall enlighten you all on my return .........

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