Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 6 post Chemo

Tongue showing some slight improvement but feeling a bit sickly still today, perhaps I will embrace the Steriods next time. At this point you wonder if you will ever feel completely well again. But I did last time so am confident that these problems will pass. Was able to eat a bit more last evening so that should help. Only one more dose of FEC to go- thank god and then back into the unknown. I keep looking at my garden being overtaken with weeds but dont feel in the least bit inclined to do anything about it.

Anyhow have found a course to learn to teach meditation so that is now on my to -do list and  having our wood burning stove installed today- at least we were until the man installing it has found problems with the existing chimney liner - which means a new one has to be fitted and that will not be compliant with the stove I have choosen- so no wood burner today. Have to go back to the shop and choose a new one- bloody hell.

Den is at the shop trying to rid it of flying Ant infestation, all in all a good day - NOT !!

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