Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Solstice ?

Well Dennis made me a nice fire in my fire pit thingy outside my shed and at 11pm on Monday evening  I snuggled down in my little bed in my shed ready to greet the dawn. At 1.30am I awoke, shone the torch around the garden hoping to see some wildlife - but there was none. Went back to sleep and woke up around 3am, still no sign of any visitors. I was still awake at 4am when the birds started singing REALLY loudly. At 4.30 I greeted the dawn and took myself up to my bed and fell exhausted into it. So all in all a bit of a wasted exercise, I am really not cut out for staying up all night, I really like my bed.

Back to hospital today for pre chemo blood test and a meeting with the nurse in charge of chemo, just to discuss any issues or stuff that may have arisen from my first treatment. So I am going to find out if I really have to take those dreaded steriods. I am convinced that they caused my depression last time and although it ony lasted a couple of days I didnt like it at all.In fact I am (as you know by now) not looking forward to tomorrow. I know I have to do it, but the thought of feeling dreadful and helpless/ hopeless  for a few days is not really me. Anyhow - Keep Calm and Carry On girl you know it could have been a lot worse. Stop your sniffling and bloody well get on with it.  To cheer myself up I am off to the shop to top up my collagen levels and to work on my head tan. More later .....

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