Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hurrah 52 today!!!

Not many people would celebrate being 52 I know, but a few weeks back I was wondering if I would make it.  Thats not meant to be depressive but believe me 52 seemed a long way off.  I have had a wonderful day, my friend Sue came over and we had lunch and I was able to enjoy a glass ( or three) of fizz. Dennis bought me a lovely new Buddha who I welcomed to the garden.  I thank the universe that I have been able to come out of my chemo fog after three days of feeling crap. I shall expand on this later.  However I believe I got off lightly as I had no sickness and no lasting side effects just mind numbing fatigue and soul deep despair. However my dark night really lasted no time at all and now I have rallyied round and am back to old self - hurrah.  I know that something out there is helping me through this and trying to give me as easier time as possible and I am soo grateful for that. That said I am not looking forward to the 23rd of June as that is day for 2nd dose. I do however know it has to be, but shall cross that bridge when I come to it.

I have had some wonderful cards and pressies and my shed and garden is enjoying the attention as well as I am. I really do appreciate all the lovely pressie's thank you.

Yesterday I collected my wig from Angela- theres a pic on facebook- however I must learn to put it on straight- or maybe stop pulling it once its on, anyhow I guess I will get the hang of it. Angela was great and gave me a lesson in how to put on a scarf and make it look amazing ( prior to this my one and only attempt had me looking like the queen) and I now cant wait to start experimenting in 'Margo' type adornments. I do however need to lose the hair, Angela did offer to take it off yesterday, and in hindsight I should have let her, afterall baldness totality is only 10 days or so away. So why did I decline ?? Weird aint it, all along I said I would get it shaved before it started to come out and there I was chickening out - bizarre?? Anyhow roll on 53 .....

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