Sunday, 19 June 2011

Countdown to Solstice

Did a stint in the shop yesterday- assisting Dennis. It was good to be back, but feel a bit knackered today. Had a sunbed ( in order to get a tan on my bald head ) Chemo has apparently NOT made me sensitive to the sun hurrah !! To recover I shall take  it easy in my shed with a good book on meditation. Am looking forward to staying out in my shed on Monday ready for the solstice at dawn on Tuesday, although the weather forecast is not good, however that shall not dampen my spirits. I shall greet the dawn and pretend I am at Stonehenge and follow it with a Transendental  meditiation in order to unite with the cosmic conciousness.  Wow I hear you all saying- she's lost it completely now. But let me tell you meditation has always been a source of great strenght to me and especially now, it keeps me sane and calm. You all should try it some time.

Am getting quite adventurous with my headdress's and must say much better than hair. Takes a few minutes in the morning to arrange and then fab for the rest of the day. No more tussling in the mirror everytime you go to the loo, or fretting in the wind. I tell you girls this is the answer to our prayers. I havnt worn my wig yet, but guess I will keep it for special going out occassions.

Counting down to 2nd chemo session on Thursday - not lookimg forward to it. But am working on changing my thinking  - looking at it as the elixir of life instead of poison. This I am struggling with, but I know its got to be done. Am having a meeting with the nurse in charge of chemo on Wednesday, will have a few suggestions for the new chemo suite just being started on. Dont suppose they will go for them, like handing out smoky quartz as an natural anti oxidant. Offering Reiki sessions afterwards to help with the emotional trauma and meditation sessions before hand to prepare patients. Needless to say I shall be protected upto the hilt this time. Smoky Quartz shall be positioned all over my body, and the morning shall be devoted to meditation and visualisation. I shall not be hit by the negativity this time, I wont allow it. Ah well off to the shed.......

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